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On 23 September, 2022
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Disclaimer: Wiztrust is a Saas platform helping communication professionals run their daily operations with or without  their agencies. We have worked with over 100 clients globally who have collaborated with more than 75 agencies worldwide. This position as a technology enabler gives us insights about different markets in the communication and PR Industry.

The manage of Public Relations have become essential for today’s business world, an accurate communication in where every aspect has to be exhaustively treat: the tone, the media, the words, content development , can define a positive or a really negative relation of every company with their shareholders, this is the reason plenty companies leave it to experts, PR agencies that have the experience and capacity to increase reputation and sales through an accurate conduct of PR , Wiztrust as an industry expert have decided to mention some of those agencies that have earned a place in the PR industry  Portugal.

The agencies listed here are based on those insights. This article is not ranking nor a vetted process but we will share external proof of validations available to you and we invite you to run your own due diligence.

  • LPM: The house of PR 

Located in Lisbon and being the first and currently oldest PR agency in Portugal, LPM have evolve along with the PR industry, to the point of being an innovative and modern PR agency, which offers a strategic conseil of communication in where they make an integration of mediatic advising and crisis management ;by managing all the PT activities and creating opportunities for the companies by using key messages to reach the correct public

LPM focuses on providing an excellent service to their clients in which they mix the experience that the company has acquired through its eldery and the experience of their professionals. 

The client list of LPM is composed by companies from very diverse industries from which highlight: Mcdonalds, CocaCola, Nike, Pedras, Clinique, Estēe Lauder, Super Bock, Vitalis, Carlsberg, Durex, Veet, Air Whick,Abbvie, GSK, Novartis, Bluepharma, Hologic,Openbank, Credito Agricola, Europ Assistance, AsFac

  • GlobalPress: Reputation is essential !

Also in Lisbon, Globalpress is one of the most recognized PR agencies in Portugal thanks to over 20 years of experience providing their expertise in communication and PR; Globalpress distinguishes by working with divided specialized teams of professionals who strive for Globalpress values: knowledge, creativity and constant challenge.

This PR agency treats public relations as essential for an adequate image and reputation for their clients,which they believe is one of the main assets of every company. Thanks to this strategy Globalpress has very positive reviews in platforms such as google reviews, in which this agency has an score of 4.8/5; some clients mentioned in their reviews the professionalism and the good results that resulted from working with Globalpress. 

 Image 1: overview of Globalpress reviews in Google


Globalpress have a vary client list, from local to international companies that conduct their business activities in different industries, in which we can highlight the companies: Harley Davinson, Dom Pérignon, Vanguard, Winworld, Belvedere, Diageo, Moët Henessy Portugal, Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Selina, Rolex, Tommy Hilfiger, among others.

  • AEMpress: A special solution for every client !

In the municipality of Frielas, we can find AEMpress, a full service PR agency that specialises in tech companies, EAMpress offers a full range of tailor made services that are adopted according to the necessities of every client with a proactive attitude in every aspect of communication

Apart from being a PR agency that manages all the design and implementation of public relations to their clients, AEMpress also offers coaching to the PR teams about good relations in media and the right connection for industries.

EAMpress has a qualification of 5/5 in google and 4,92/5 in sortlist, a very high client satisfaction ,some of the reviews about this PR bureau  mention how the agency service has helped their clients to improve their communication and increase their brand awareness. 

 Image 2: Overview EAMpress reviews on sortlist 

Since its creation in 2007, this PR bureau specialised in the PR management of tech companies, that has lead them to work with several clients and sector within this industry, some worth to mention are: Acer, Devolo, Pacardbell, Qnap, Microsoft, Priberam, Binance and Nextbit. 

  • Public Relations Portugal: Local expert for international brands !

In the portuguese capital we can find Public Relations Portugal, a SayU consulting brand, a unique PR agency which specialises in the introduction of already existing brands in the portuguese market. This agency takes into account all their prior experiences to provide a very efficient public relation solution to their customers. 

Public Relations Portugal combines the global dimension with the local reality which are implemented with disruptive strategies and innovative methodologies ,aimed to help brands to be noticed and become relevant in the market. 

Their main expertise is the know-how of the implementation of correct PR practices, avoiding the risk of adopting existing stereotypes in the Portuguese market and finding the point of identification with the brand narrative that has the objective to persuade decision makers. Knowing the locals , how to approach them, enhancing connections, networking and public affairs are their differentiators. 

In their client list, this agency have worked with companies in very different sectors, their most recognize customers are: Agap2it, Axesor,Biocol, Boyden,Brands Partner Group, Deloitte, EMEF, The European Commission,Image4All ,Maksen, NBS Group, Nielsen, European Parliament, Prime IT ,Tejo Energia, Trust Energy. 

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