SEO Influences the Impact of Newsrooms
    14 May 2024

    How SEO Influences the Impact of Newsrooms on the Media

    In a digital world where visibility is key, how can SEO transform newsroom performance? Let's take a closer look at this strategic lever. This article is aimed at communications directors of largefalse
    3 min

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    man is worried in the phone because he is a dircom in a communication crisis
    27 March 2024

    how to deal with a communication crisis?

    As part of its partnership with the Social Media Club, Wiztrust brings together communication directors to discuss the challenges they are facing in their profession. A communication crisis is onefalse
    7 min
    annual report and employee
    20 March 2024

    An employee does not express himself in the same way as an annual report

    Until recently (in the old world of the twentieth century), talking about the company was the prerogative of communications. Employee advocacy did not exist. Of course, employees had their ownfalse
    4 min
    media fact checking
    6 March 2024

    What do the media have to say about the acceleration of information and fact-checking?

    The arrival of "new media" and the evolution of traditional media have led to new ways of operating. The need for immediacy, transparency and responsiveness, the constant need for images... Thefalse
    4 min

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    31 August 2022

    Everything you need to know about corporate communication

    Corporate communication is both internal and external communication within a workplace. There are several different kinds of corporate communication dimensions that are a key concern for any company.false
    14 min
    4 May 2023

    How to choose the right channels of communication

    Communication is an essential aspect of any organisation. It is through effective communication that companies can achieve their goals and objectives. However, with the multitude of communicationfalse
    6 min
    9 February 2023

    A definition of marketing communication (MarCom)

    Marketing communication, also referred to as “marcom”, includes a variety of elements such as advertising, public relations, online presence, branding, packaging, sales, sponsorships among many more.false
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    PR is good for employee advocacy
    29 February 2024

    PR, the key to Employee Advocacy?

    As the driving force behind communications strategy, corporate communications departments are taking it in turns to develop employee advocacy programs. But what if press relations had a role tofalse
    2 min
    Social media practices for PR
    28 February 2024

    New formats: what influence do they have on media practices?

    The arrival of "new media" and the evolution of traditional media have brought with them new ways of working. The imperatives of immediacy, transparency, reactivity, the constant need for images...false
    3 min
    The importance of dircom in communication
    28 February 2024

    The Dircom: social ambassador for the company's information content?

    2 min
    Ensuring message consistency across new communication channels
    23 February 2024

    Ensuring message consistency across new communication channels

    Faced with the multiplicity of communication channels and the nuances of messages to be adopted for different audiences, PR teams face the challenge of maintaining message consistency. To achievefalse
    7 min
    spread of fake press release
    23 February 2024

    Information manipulation: PR's number one enemy?

    Information and opinion manipulation, denigration campaigns, the spread of fake news, malicious hoaxes and outright falsification. In recent years, activism and "Dark PR" have come to threatenfalse
    2 min
    new technologies and new tools for communicators
    15 February 2024

    An enhanced communicator: new technologies and new tools

    With more data and new automation tools, new technologies are enabling communicators to get back to the heart of their business: creativity and relationships.
    3 min

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