PR is good for employee advocacy
    29 February 2024

    PR, the key to Employee Advocacy?

    As the driving force behind communications strategy, corporate communications departments are taking it in turns to develop employee advocacy programs. But what if press relations had a role tofalse
    2 min
    spread of fake press release
    23 February 2024

    Information manipulation: PR's number one enemy?

    Information and opinion manipulation, denigration campaigns, the spread of fake news, malicious hoaxes and outright falsification. In recent years, activism and "Dark PR" have come to threatenfalse
    2 min
    Relations publiques durables
    15 February 2024

    The importance of high added value content in Public Relations

    In an often saturated media landscape, how can a company stand out from the crowd and ensure that its message bears fruit? The key to success could well lie in high added-value content. But what kindfalse
    2 min
    17 November 2022

    How to create an efficient corporate PR campaign

    What is PR and what is a PR campaign? PR, short for public relations, has become an essential aspect for businesses to build their relationship with the public. Present and useful in manyfalse
    6 min
    28 October 2022

    What is Sustainable PR?

    The world is on a mission towards a greener, healthier, and more eco-friendly place to live in. There is a pressing need for enterprises to come together to create a commitment to globalfalse
    6 min
    21 September 2022

    Why PR crisis management is mandatory

    A PR crisis is a scenario that no company wants to find itself in. What is a PR crisis exactly? It comes in all shapes and sizes but in essence, it can start with any negative comment or reviewfalse
    6 min
    16 September 2022

    Everything you need to know about press releases

    A press release is a written document that has been specifically prepared to be shown to the media. Press releases are used as a way of announcing something newsworthy to a specific audience to gainfalse
    9 min
    Bunch of newspaper
    13 July 2022

    Public relations: what does pr mean?

    Public relations are one of the most important and effective ways to create a solid and credible reputation for a brand or business. By using successful PR, a brand can strategically build, maintain,false
    12 min

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