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On 28 September, 2022
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Disclaimer: Wiztrust is a Saas platform helping communication professionals run their daily operations with or without  their agencies. We have worked with over 100 clients globally who have collaborated with more than 75 agencies worldwide. This position as a technology enabler gives us insights about different markets in the communication and PR Industry.

The agencies listed here are based on those insights. This article is not ranking nor a vetted process but we will share external proof of validations available to you and we invite you to run your own due diligence And we hope you will find those information useful.

  • Llorente y Cuenca: LLYC 

Located in Madrid and Barcelona , present in 2 continents, The Americas and Europe with 20 offices distributed in 20 different cities, LLYC can be distingues as the biggest PR agency in terms of country-presence in the iberian peninsula,This PR agency have been awarded with over 400 prizes in the last 5 years from which is important to highlight the IPRA Golden Awards and Cannes Lions award. 

LLYC believes that the world can be improved by honest, smart, innovative and effective communication because it will generate trust and understanding between people, companies and institutions. They believe that effective communication is part of the solution to most of the challenges in our era. 

As their strategy, LLYC believes that all the players in the business world need to understand not only the economical and competitive characteristics of their own environment but also their social and political environment in order to anticipate risk and take advantage of the opportunities the contexts might bring. 

In the Offer they have a very complete communication strategy in which they specialise in different fields like public affairs, investor relations, customer engagements among others. 

LLYC have a numerous client base from companies from very different sectors, in which we can feature companies like Abertis, Airbnb, Amazon, Aliseda Inmobiliaria, American Express, Avon, Barclays, Bridgestone, BBVA, Caixa Bank, Coca-Cola, Crèdit Andorrà, Emirates, Glovo, Hitachi, IATA, IBM, iKEA, Latam airlines, L’oreal, Mcdonald’s, Mercadona, Microsoft, Netflix, Novartis, Oracle, P&G, Santander, Siemens, Singapure Airlines, Starbucks, Telefonica, Total, Unicaja banco, Unilever, Volswagen,Volvo, WEwork and others.  

  • Avance Comunicación S.A 

Foundedn in 1991 and located in the famous Paseo de la castellana street in the Spanish capital, Avance Comunicación have more than 30 years of experience working in the field of communication and PR integrating online and offline strategies, helping companies to reach their objectives and making them to be know between the public. 

This agency bases its strategy in place on a coherent and different identity, a very well established value proposition, strong positioning and a very strong branding, aiming to impact the environment and to reach the desired public. Avance Comunicación believes in the consignment of everything that have been done by a company can be communicated if done in the correct way, planned, following an strategy and professional. 

Avance Comunicación have different offers to cover all the corporal communication in the offline and online channels including events, press releases, public relations, corporate identity and employer branding. This PR agency is very well reviewed, in platforms such as sorlist the company has a qualification of 4.85/5 and in google reviews 4.9/5, which speaks about the satisfaction of their clients with their work. 


Image 1- Avance Comunicacion sorlist reviews qualification

In their client list, Avance Comunicación have worked with companies from different industries and sizes from which we can highlight : Relay, Q8, DHL, Orbit consulting Group, Libertext, Inbisa, Fabricrom, Aries, Arsolar, Direct seguros, D-ark, Axa. 

  • Evercom

Present in Madrid and Barcelona, Evercom is a PR agency that has a main focus in the right placement of their clients through communication, they help companies and institutions to reach their places they aim to and be the brand they would like to be recognized for. They believe it is very important to create links between the companies and every person the company communicates with; an investor, an employee, or general media, and this will be essential in order to create the correct reputation.  

They offer is based in 5 pilas, in first the Communication and reputation; every company has a story to tell, the correct way of telling this story can highlight the role the company can be playing the market; following by digital environment; it is important to understand our place in the enormous digital world and how to take advantage of it in the best way; the third one is creativity in the way of communication; continued by marketing and business; which refers to the objective of bring news prospects to the company by the correct implementation of PR and lastly, the data and its good management in order to optimise and make more efficient in every aspect the communication. 

Evercom worked with an important number of clients, from is important to mention clients like: Vodafone, Amundi, Triados Bank, Liberty Seguros, Seat, Canon, Kellog’s and others. 

  • Apple Tree

With offices in Barcelona and Madrid, and with presence in Colombia and the UK with their offices of Bogota and Londres, Apple tree considers itself as a strategic communication agency in which the new thinking is the main pillar for their work, meaning studying the challenges faced by brands from different angles, in order to develop more innovative communication strategies that provide new competitive advantages.

In their Offer they propose to conduct an strategic PR in where they can manage the corporate communication, conduct a marketing of influencers and provide experimental events in order to make the set of communication valuable; from which Apple treee believes communication must has a purpose, believing in brave brands that are the ones willing to take a step forward in the way of communicate with the mentioned new thinking pillar which pretends to use the ability of their integrated and diverse team to challenge the status quo.

Apple tree works with mainly big brands ,important players in every of their fields like Nike, Lego, Google, Visa, Mars, Levi’s, Manchester city, Novartis, European Union, BMW, just to mention some of their clients. 


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