How to create an efficient corporate PR campaign

On 17 November, 2022
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What is PR and what is a PR campaign?  

PR, short for public relations, has become an essential aspect for businesses to build their  relationship with the public. Present and useful in many distinctive markets (entertainment as  well as public institutions and more) it is always used as a marketing function within a strategic  communication process. A good PR campaign aims to create a mutually beneficial relationship  between a company and its community.

Three elements are fundamental for a PR campaign: 

1) A clear goal in mind  

2) Craft your message  

3) Communicating the goal  

Every step of a PR campaign requires experts to make sure the best public relations methods  are set in place and receive the most efficient results. A skilled expert will know how to best enhance your company’s reputation. 

  • Why are PR campaigns necessary for your brand? 

One of the most important goals of marketing is creating brand credibility. PR Campaigns are  a substantial leverage in that objective. When they are well done, they assure that the target  audience is aware of the brand and see them as meaningful in their market.  

  • The differences between a PR campaign and a PR plan 

A PR campaign and a PR Plan are often confused, as the lines can be blurry between the two.  They are interdependent but can be distinguished through certain elements.  

o Characteristics of a PR plan  

The PR plan typically consists of a paper or a group of documents that outlines all the  tactics to be used for any public relations action. The PR plan can contain multiple PR  campaigns and instructions. It specifies the long-term strategy with details on  strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats. This analysis allows for a  professional to have a complete understanding of the current PR situation and  objectives. This is why the PR plan is usually used a guidebook.  

o PR campaign  

The PR campaign is much more precise and refers to a specific activity undertaken to  reach a goal. It is set in a fixed time period with a target audience in mind. A good PR  campaign needs to have measurable indicators as to conclude on its efficiency. 

Examples of great PR campaigns.  

Axa – #KnowYouCan 

Axa launched this global campaign as part of their “Driving Progress 2023” brand strategy. In  a context of instability and uncertainty due to the Covid-19 crisis, Axa wanted to show they  were committed to making their clients feel secure and confident. This campaign included a  film directed by Frédéric Planchon showcasing the story of a girl who gains confidence through  significant points in her life. The overall message if that when you feel protected, you gain  confidence necessary to go further in life. 

Tesco – Pop to Your Local  

With many pubs in England being hit by the lockdown, Tesco launched their “Pop to your  Local” campaign to support them. Through billboards, national newspaper ads and social  media, they urged the public to visit pubs instead of “telling you about our fantastic deals”.  Pushing their clients to buy from their competitors might seem counterintuitive but can be a  highly efficient when done correctly like Tesco. Indeed, a Kantar Marketplace monthly data  study crowned this campaign as in the top 15% advert in the UK for being actively engaging. 

Ikea – Stay Home Campaign 

Another successful marketing campaign during the global Covid 19 pandemic was done by Ikea, the Swedish furniture company, who motivated its customers to stay home. The  campaign started in Spain with the hashtag “#YoMeQuedoEnCasa”. They reminded people of  how cozy their home can be and how the idea of spending weeks locked inside does not have  to be a bad thing. Pushing forward a responsible message added to the authenticity of Ikea’s  brand, making it a highly effective and conclusive campaign. 

- How to create a PR campaign  

The first step is to determine what you are looking to achieve with your PR campaign. Is it  brand awareness? Reinforcing brand image? Communicate a message?  You also must set yourself tangible objectives: what is the timeline for your campaign? What  will be the indicators of a successful campaign? What communication channel will be the  most appropriate in achieving your wanted results? Those are all important factors that  should be considered.  

How to create a corporate PR campaign

  • Determine your target audience.  

After defining what your goals are, it will be easier to know who your target audience is.  Who do you want to address? Investors? Employees? Customers? Once that general group is  chosen, you will be able to analyze the methods of communication that appeal to them the  most. 

  • Perform market and competitor research.  

Analysis is a big part of creating a PR campaign, doing your research on the market and  competitors included. This will allow you to see what’s efficient in your field, avoid mistakes  and have all the elements at hand before launching.  

  • Execute your PR campaign.  

Congratulations, if you’re at that step, you’ve done the bulk of the work! Your campaign  should be ready to launch, whether through a press release announcement, your social  media, or directly to the channel chosen.  

  • Analyze the results of the PR campaign.  

The final and very important step is the analysis of the success of your PR campaign. This is  when you will use the KPI chosen on the first step to measure the results and conclude what  worked and what hasn’t. Are the goals you set achieved? What was the general public  response? A good final analysis will make you progress and learn for any future PR campaign  creation.  

 What are PR Campaign tools?  

Emerging technologies can change the way companies do business while achieving more  success in their PR campaigns.  

  • Wiztrust– A digital solution dedicated to corporate communication and PR teams.  The Wiztrust platform helps to manage, certify, and distribute PR content and  measure the performance of communication actions.  
  • Mixmax – This platform helps enhance email communication. This tool makes  sending bulk emails using personalized templates much easier.  
  • Grammarly – The basis of any communication action is clear and correct spelling.  Content production is only increasing which means proofreading is of the utmost importance. Spelling and grammar can be made easier with spell or grammar  checking tools such as Grammarly. 
  • Hootsuite – This dashboard is used to manage several social media accounts at once,  enhancing your social media management.  
  • Wiztrust – Adopted by many European listed companies, this certification platform is  used for securing your information and protecting companies from fake news. 


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