How to create your own communication strategy

On 22 February, 2023
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A communications strategy is an important element of any business. In essence, it is a tool that creates a meaningful message to promote a business. This message can be for both internal and external use. The strategy is the plan behind the message. A communication strategy should be developed with the knowledge of who you are sending a message to and why. It should also include the various channels you plan to share your communications strategy through. Creating and maintaining a successful communication strategy will enhance your business and increase brand awareness and brand credibility. It is a vital tool for every business. Discover some important steps to create your own communication strategy!

When should a company develop a communication strategy? 

Timing is vital to any communication strategy. Whether it is a product launch or a special event, an appropriate strategic timeline needs to be put in place. Of course, it depends on the size and style of strategy but there are some general rules to follow. Read on to discover some tips for launching a product or event. also, it is important to know everything about corporate communication

  • Product Launch 

For most product launches, the communication strategy should be in place around four months before the launch date. Start an email list, define your target audience by talking with as many potential customers as possible and gather as much feedback as you can.  Design a marketing plan, create content surrounding the launch and find promoters. Around 3 months before the launch date, a solid launch plan should be put in place. This includes creating content around the launch. This could be anything from a website, social media pages or video content. The digital marketing channels are important as they will help define your target audience. Choose the best channels for your audience and age range.  2 months to go and it’s getting close! Gather all the feedback needed about your product so you can finalize your launch content. 1 month to go and the product launch needs to be made official. Start spreading the word about the date of the product launch and what it is all about. Create excitement and intrigue about the product. 

  • Event Launch 

As opposed to products, an event will usually be announced 12 weeks prior. Once the event has been announced, the communication strategy needs to go full steam  ahead. Ideas need to be executed to get the ball rolling. It is important from the get-go to gather ideas, contact suppliers and gather estimates together to make sure you stay within budget. Organizing an experienced team to work behind the event is also crucial. Host weekly calls so everyone is updated on what is happening. The weeks building up to the event are crucial when it comes to communication. Push the event so a buzz is created, and people know what is happening. Share any crucial information directly with attendees. If it is a large event open to the public, then social media is a great way to share information and sneak previews of what is to come. If it is a smaller, more exclusive and private event, then make sure the invitees have their invitations and any gifting if needed. 

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The steps to create a successful communication strategy 

Whether it is to engage your employees or to communicate a high-profile event, a great communications strategy must have a critical approach and a clear outline. Discover the steps to create a successful communications strategy

  • Read the crowd 

Reading the room is an important thing to keep in mind. Targeting the right audience is crucial to the communication strategy’s success. Identify the group of people who should be hearing your message.  A great way to decipher who your target audience will be is by gathering information via surveys and Google analytics. Researching will narrow down and define your target audiences and ages. 

  • Mission Statement 

By establishing a mission statement, your communication strategy will become clear and concise. A mission statement is usually a short sentence or paragraph that is used to explain a company’s purpose for existing. This short statement is necessary to motivate employees and reassure the target audience of a company’s goals and outlook. It is key in identifying the identity of a company. 

  • Purpose 

Any project should have a purpose. Figure that out to communicate the best strategy. What is the Unique Selling Point? What makes the product better from the rest and why does your customer need it? Make sure you set yourself apart from market competition. 

  • Message 

The message needs to be shared in the best way possible. Figure where and how the message will be spread. There are many communication channels that can be used including social media, email marketing or even video content on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

  • Be clear 

Be precise and get to the point. Customers do not have the time or energy to read long-winded press releases or marketing emails. Clarify the message as clearly and quickly as possible. 

  • Communication Goals 

Define communication goals from the very beginning. What do you want to achieve with this communication strategy? Higher sales, improved brand awareness, or an enhanced image?

  • Results and analysis 

Once the communication strategy has been executed it is always a great idea to gather results and analysis. What could be done better next time? What worked and what didn’t? It is a great way to make sure the next communication strategy will be even better than the last. 

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How can I spread the message of a communication strategy? 

Once a communication strategy has been set in place the message needs to be read by the right people. Researching the correct target audience to determine the best way of communicating a strategy can be done by communication outlets such as social media, video content on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or email marketing. It is key to be specific when sharing a communication strategy. The more specific you are the better your chances of reaching a larger audience. 

What are the advantages of a communication strategy? 

There are an abundance of advantages to having a good communication strategy. Firstly, it sets the tone and direction of a brand or business which is crucial to its success. It can also boost employee morale by keeping them up to date with what is happening within a company. Internal communication strategies can build an overall strong sense of trust and loyalty. Companies should always be strategic in the delivery of their communication strategies to maximize success; timing is key. It is also always a good idea to create a crisis communication plan at the same time in case of any unexpected reactions to the communication strategy. All communication strategies need to work in harmony together throughout a company. Whether it is a product, event, or statement, all output should be run smoothly together to maintain brand image and identity. 

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