An insider list of PR agencies in Denmark

On 20 October, 2022
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Disclaimer: Wiztrust is a Saas platform helping communication professionals run their daily operations with or without  their agencies. We have worked with over 100 clients globally who have collaborated with more than 75 agencies worldwide. This position as a technology enabler gives us insights about different markets in the communication and PR Industry.

The manage of Public Relations have become essential for today’s business world, an accurate communication in where every aspect has to be exhaustively treat: the tone, the media, the words, content development, can define a positive or a really negative relation of every company with their shareholders, this is the reason plenty companies leave it to experts, PR agencies that have the experience and capacity to increase reputation and sales through an accurate conduct of PR, WiztopicWiztrust as an industry expert have decided to mention some of those agencies that have earned a place in the PR industry  in Denmark.

The agencies listed here are based on those insights. This article is not ranking nor a vetted process but we will share external proof of validations available to you and we invite you to run your own due diligence.

  • LEAD Agency 

Located in the Danish Capital, Copenhague, LEAD Agency defines itself as a full-service PR and communications agency that offers services across disciplines such as strategic communication, branding, campaigns, PR, Public Affairs, creative concept development, and cross-disciplinary digital solutions.

Lead agency Pr agencies in denmarkLEAD agency is a team of 58 professionals that focus on details, as their motto says “Every Word Counts”. They believe words can be powerful if chosen wisely and that the results can be astonishing if it allows creative thinking to join forces with data and business goals in every strategic communications setup. LEAD Agency helps companies use communication to create lasting, positive results. They have an eye for details, the bigger picture, the recipient’s starting point and the power of words.

Their client list is composed of companies from a variety of industries and sizes. Some highlights of companies they have worked with are Netflix, Roche, Carlsberg, Microsoft, Clever, 3F, KPMG, MSD, Nets, Novartis, Kirkby, Podimo, just to name a few. 

  • Think PR 

This agency was found in 2006 in Copenhagen. It is an offline and online PR and Communications Agency that, through a close and trusting relationship with their customers, provides efficient, focused, and competent advice.Think pr PR distribution software denmark

Think PR is a team of 8 composed of communication experts, PR specialists, trend-spotters, marketers, analysts, social media managers, media strategists, journalists, creative developers and copywriters who combine knowledge and experience from a wide range of trades and companies.  

Their offer is composed of a wide type of public relations services such as Strategic communications, Public Relations, Digital & social events, Tech management and advertising PR campaigns. 

They have worked with companies like Snickers, Opel, Logitech, Tuborg, Somersby, Sobieski, Reebok, Quicksilver, Phillips, P&G, Nivea, M&Ms, Coca-Cola, Hudson, Eucerin, Walt Disney Company, Adidas, among others. 

  • Have Kommunication & PR

This PR agency has offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen, possesses  more than 30 years of experience in the Danish market and a team of 44 professionals. Have Kommunication considers itself as an integrated part of the cultural sphere in Denmark and a communication leader within film, performing arts, events, the creative sector and all kinds of societal development that focuses on arts, culture, and creativity.

Agencies PR in denmarkThey believe communication is about making a difference, leaving an imprint, the sensible argument and the seductive imagery. A flood of excitement followed by quiet contemplation. They base their offer on this statement. They have worked with companies like Egmont, DR, V2, Nordisk Film, Det KGL Teater, Carlsberg just to mention some of their customers. 

  • Rostra Kommunikation A/S

Founded in 1999 in Copenhagen as a PR and communications Agency, Rostra Kommunikation focuses on the creation of relationships of companies and organizations with their clients and stakeholders through the creation of influencing behaviour within their target audience. 

This PR agency helps companies with public relations, public affairs and strategic communication. They work with local and international clients in an internationally coordinated implementation of PR and communications services is a large part of their day-to-day business. For some clients, this agency works as a PR partner in the Danish market; for others, they provide their service by  managing all the Scandinavian market or the whole of the Nordic market.Relation presse software in denmark

Their offer is based on influencing awareness, perception, and behaviour in all kinds of target groups. Their team counts 20 professionals with backgrounds such as journalists, communications consultants, marketing experts, political specialists, copywriters, analysts and creative communicators whom provide the services of Public Relations, Digital Communication, Public Affairs, Research & Analysis. 

Rostra Kommunikation have worked with companies from all kinds of industries, sizes and projects. From their very broad list of clients it is important to highlight clients like Sweco, Deloitte, Icelandair, Nordnet, WWF, Velux, Valio, Unicef, Turner, Standard & Poor’s, Sony Ericson, Skyscanner, Siemens, SHV Energy, Scanpan, Automotive, Saxobank, Quaker, Pepsico, Nestle,, LavAzza, J.P Morgan, Henkel, FitBit, D&G, Delta, Canon, Bose, British Airways, AT&T, just to mention some of them. 

Are you considering other countries ? Discover our lists of PR agencies in Italy,  Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands.

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