An insider list of PR agencies in Greece

On 8 March, 2023
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Disclaimer: Wiztrust is a Saas platform helping communication professionals run their daily operations with or without  their agencies. We have worked with over 100 clients globally who have collaborated with more than 75 agencies worldwide. This position as a technology enabler gives us insights about different markets in the communication and PR Industry.

The agencies listed here are based on those insights. This article is not ranking nor a vetted process but we will share external proof of validations available to you and we invite you to run your own due diligence And we hope you will find those information useful.

  • Extrovert

Extrovert is an agency located in the Greece capital for more than 10 years. This company is dedicated to offering services in the field of communication and public relations. The segments managed by the agency range from B2B markets to the maritime and health markets, which makes it an agency with a highly diversified target market. This is key to mitigating risk in times as adverse as the current one.

EXTROVERT | Business Communications logoThe agency's philosophy is to turn companies into extroverts. This is done through the development of strategies based on taking advantage of opportunities, taking into account creativity focused on enhancing customer growth. This is possible through a work team made up of people with different backgrounds, which fuels the innovation and ideation process.

In the client portfolio of this agency, we can ding companies like Minerva, Posionia Golf, 360 scrubber, Shindler, Pinterest, Máximos, Pallini Kennels, Agravia, Ok grocery store, Safe wáter sports, SMS Papi and others.

  • V+O Group

V+O group is a Greek agency located in Athens since its foundation in 2000. This agency that emerged in the new millennium focuses on accelerating and empowering companies through public relations with a modern philosophy that responds to the current needs of the setting.

They are drivers of engagement. V+O develops its strategy based on creation aimed at inspiration and impact, which is going to be the engine for companies to grow and stimulate the economy. In turn, this agency promotes the critical thinking of both its clients and their audiences, a process by which innovative ideas emerge. They consolidate all of the above in a strategy for their clients to achieve a better reputation, greater growth and achieve success.V+O Group logo

Thanks to his work, the agency has been awarded prizes such as the IPRA Golden world award, European excellence Award, gold corporate affair excellence awards, the PR agency of the year 2012 in Greece and others.

As a result, its clients are leader companies such as Mastercard, Pharmaten, AEGEAN, Onassi Foundation, Coca-Cola, Hellenic association, Lenovo, LIDL, Telekom, and others.

  • The agency

Founded in 2015, this agency has served as an integral company that covers various sectors of communication, mainly PR in Athens. They have no limits, they focus on Greek and foreign businesses, as well as multinational companies as small businesses. This agency delivers communication strategies that manage to translate into tangible results.

THE AGENCY PR logoIts strategy is based on 6 pillars. On the one hand, this agency believes in the power of influencer marketing which shows that they are at the forefront of current trends. On the other hand, it has a large network of celebrities who become opinion leaders. Likewise, it places its clients in the spotlight of public relations, increasing their visibility. Also, they offer event logistics, social media, and branding services,

Some of its clients are LIFO,, Bvlgari, Olaplex, Unicef, Intermed, Verve, Urbanista, Sotris, All for blue, Mykonian sun, Fresh, Johnson & Johnson, Fresh, Fracomina, Mama shelter, Neutrogena, Clarins, Sensai , Marriot, Ark, Bdtk, Faber Castell, Givenchy and others.

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