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On 14 September, 2022
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Disclaimer: Wiztrust is a Saas platform helping communication professionals run their daily operations with or without  their agencies. We have worked with over 100 clients globally who have collaborated with more than 75 agencies worldwide. This position as a technology enabler gives us insights about different markets in the communication and PR Industry.

As information is being slowly converted into the gold of the digital era, Public relations have turned into an essential matter for most companies and individuals across the globe. From it, the importance in the way of managing the communication and the spread of information that is converted in different feelings which are be caught by interested shareholders or content consumers. Pr is about visibility and recognition, from it, the importance of PR agencies that can conduct the correct strategies and practices in order to achieve the companies objectives.

The agencies listed here are based on those insights. This article is not ranking nor a vetted process but we will share external proof of validations available to you and we invite you to run your own due diligence.

In the capital of the Netherlands is located HPB ,a 2005 founded PR agency that have been built in the believe that PR is the most effective way to change much more than the perception of people about a company, HPB looks at the PR in a very humanistic perspective in which is believe that what matters in PR is the human connection, and that what PR can do, not only for companies and brands ,but also in people lives and the society itselft is for them a motivation to conduct their innovative PR strategies for their clients

HPB based their method on what they call, the F + A + M + E=grow famous for all the best reasons. equation : 

Facts: for this PR agency facts are fundamental and have to be based on truth 

Attention: HPB believes that paying attention in topics that matter will make to earn ,with clear and authentic positions , long lasting attention. 

Meaning:BPH believes that to be meaning is to act, actions speak louder and with the correct communication these actions will be in the spotlight, considering also important giving to the people stories that they love to share so then, the spread of information will be done by those story lovers. 

Earned: BPH make sure their clients earn the attention they deserve, by connecting the brand and story-to-tell with the correct network in order to maxime the earned attention, this agency also aims to amplify messages on every single channel

This method and way of working have triggered some of the most iconics brands from very different industries of the world to be clients of BPH, plenty testimonials of their clients can be found in their website and some of this clients are: Accel group,Ajax ,ASN Bank, Barbie,Bolt, Basic-fit, Bio-oil, Essity, Eucerin, Foodora, Indeed, JBL, Marriot international, Netflix, Nivea,Pepsico,Pure energy, Spotify,  SNS,   RegioBank, Ring, Unilever, X hotels, Xiaomi.


An international PR Bureau with presence in the Netherlands as well as in Belgium, defines itself as an all-round PR specialist meaning to manage everything from writing press releases to showroom management and from product placement to creative alliances . IVY Lee uses contemporary tools for successful and tangible results. This is reflected in their services offer which are: strategic counsel, creative content-driven PR campaigns and focused press strategies to brands and companies which aim for a positive awareness of their brands and/or product. 

Ivy Lee focuses on maintaining and creating new long term relationships by being idea generators, story-tellers, connectors, influencers and reputation managers; they consider themselves as being open for every professional in the industry. 

 This PR agency counts with a large client portfolio showing their experience of working in different sectors, some of clients worthy to mention are: Hugo Boss, L’oreal, Sony Music, UGG, L’officiel, Max Brown Hotels, Clarks , Converse, Teva.


Amsterdam-based with an expertise and promise to their clients of being influence, Bobbery qualify themselves as the “influence for the influencers” which they believe is essential for conduct a perfect and clear PR managing; they based their strategy in not concentrate only in PR, but being aware of all the communications channels and the importance of it for the brand, this PR agency take care of the brand image in every level, apart from manage PR they organise events and have some influencers plans which aims to increase the positive image of their customers. 

Bobbery bases its strategy in creating a top of mind position for all of their client brands, they achieve this by an optimal communication of the brand story and fortify the visibility in important media in where a strong mix of communication tools , like pressroom services; events ,etc, are monitoring. 

As the others agencies mentioned, Bobbery is also a multindustry agency whose featured clients are: Amazon, Opus, The searchers, Prime Video, Patron, Martini , Red bull, Corque. 


  • PR LAB -  Leading Global Agency for Tech Companies !

Based in Amsterdam and with presence in another 2 countries;Sweden and Germany, It is one of the most innovative PR agencies in the Netherlands due to their integration system,PR LAB focusses in the integration of marketing and the PR management as crucial for an accurate communication that enables the companies to conduct an efficient PR while boosting marketing with the intention to increase prospects and sales. 

PR LAB has a high rate of reviews in platforms such as google, clutch and sorlist in which 100% of clients have claimed to have a very positive experience with their services; some comments describe the company as the best PR agency in Amsterdam and probably in the Netherlands. 


Image 1: overview of PR Lab reviews in Clutch

PR LAB clients are in majority startups and scaleups. Its client list is composed of companies from different industries in the tech sector, featured customers are the followings: Levenue, Wayflyer, Nu pay,3D Hubs, Vocalzoom, Acusensus, Bleenco,Opal, Tomtom, OfficeApp, Onbrdng , Recruitee,SBC, Main Capital partners , Volta Ventures ,Smart Robotics,Changebee, TBW, Cemex ventures, Unifonic and Chargebee, NFT Paris

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