Post By: Raphael Labbé

    21 September 2022

    Why PR crisis management is mandatory

    A PR crisis is a scenario that no company wants to find itself in. What is a PR crisis exactly? It comes in all shapes and sizes but in essence, it can start with any negative comment or reviewfalse
    6 min
    16 September 2022

    Everything you need to know about press releases

    A press release is a written document that has been specifically prepared to be shown to the media. Press releases are used as a way of announcing something newsworthy to a specific audience to gainfalse
    9 min
    14 September 2022

    An insider list of PR agencies in the Netherlands

    Disclaimer: Wiztopic is a Saas platform helping communication professionals run their daily operations with or without their agencies. We have worked with over 100 clients globally who havefalse
    8 min
    Fake news
    7 September 2022

    How to protect yourself against fake news

    The term “fake news” is nothing new but in recent times it has become a huge problem for societies around the world. The term “fake news” itself has become extremely popular after being usedfalse
    7 min
    31 August 2022

    Everything you need to know about corporate communication

    Corporate communication is both internal and external communication within a workplace. There are several different kinds of corporate communication dimensions that are a key concern for any company.false
    14 min
    Bunch of newspaper
    13 July 2022

    Public relations: what does pr mean?

    Public relations are one of the most important and effective ways to create a solid and credible reputation for a brand or business. By using successful PR, a brand can strategically build, maintain,false
    12 min
    Hands typing on a computer
    13 May 2022

    How to write a good corporate press release

    Build your brand, explain your mission and engage your audience. This can all be done through a corporate press release that excites, attracts and most importantly promotes your business. Despite thefalse
    6 min
    24 March 2022

    Social networks as weapons of seduction

    Public relations has become essential to guarantee the right perception of messages in this crowded digital world. It is high time that PR campaigns were integrated with digital campaigns. In thisfalse
    6 min

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